Who doesn’t love a good Ikea Kallax hack? These systems are relatively inexpensive and have multiple functions. There are many examples of customised shelving, Dining Benches and even Headboards with storage. I have now used our selection of Ikea Kallax boxes to form a kids high bed with reading den.

Ikea Kallax reading den with books

When we moved to a new house I made the mistake of promising my eldest son a high bed, with no funds to back it up. However, I am a big advocate of recycling and reusing what possessions we already have to fit our new circumstances. This was when I decided to use the various Kallax units we already owned to make a kids high bed.

Ikea Kallax hack high bed

For this Ikea Kallax hack high bed we used two systems of 2 x 2 Kallax units to form the two main supports. An extra single unit was used to make a step. The bed is also from Ikea (although I think it is a discontinued line now) and was simply placed over top of the units. The bed was secured to the Kallax Unit, on the wall side, with a couple of metal supports. This stops it moving or slipping off.

Ikea Kallax hack high bed with toys

The Kallax units are perfect for storing books, toys and keeping things tidy with the array of baskets (also available at Ikea). I also love that my son now has a cute reading den where he can chill out peacefully.

I filled the den with various home sewn cushions and an array of rugs from Ikea. I’m not endorsing the shop but there is no denying it has some great affordable home furnishings. This Ikea Kallax hack high bed and den makes the perfect hang out and both my boys spend a lot of time there.

Ikea Kallax hack high bed

What child doesn’t want a cute hideaway filled with his or her favourite books and toys. For even more privacy we hang blankets over the sides and fill it with nightlights. It’s a special place and best of all I fit in there also, so get to experience all its charm. The perfect opportunity to feel like a kid again.

Ikea kallax hack wtih DIY wooden house chalk boards
Ikea Kallax hack high bed


  1. Angela anderson

    I love this bed would it work with a pine bed if we took the legs off and where did u get the metal frames from

    1. Emma

      Hi Angela, many thanks for the lovely message. We used metal connection plates from the local DIY store but anything that will secure the bed to the Kallax units would work well, its just to stop the bed slipping off the units and keep the high bed safe. Im not sure how this would work with other beds, it is worth me saying that this bed isn’t a standard single size as its a small kids bed which is why it fits so well over the units and we also kept the legs on for future use. best of luck with making your high bed, i hope it works out just as well.

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